The cooperation between MareVisie and SRC Thor

On the 16th of January our sponsor MareVisie projectmangement hosted their annual New year drink. This year they were very pleased with the amount of Thor people present. As usual they took a moment to look back at last year and have a small preview on what is to come this year. Of course that included the topics rugby and SRC Thor.

For many years SRC Thor and MareVisie have worked together on the growth of our club and our sport rugby. This year we also gained a lot from this cooperation. As many of you know it is thanks to MareVisie that we play in new team kits this year, but they have also contributed to tournaments like Ameland and Dendermonde, as well as sponsoring a lot of new clothing in the Thorshop and, of course, our 11th lustrum. They even sponsored the team-bonding weekend of our ladies team with knowledge, breakfast, a place to sleep and brand new training suits. Our very own match secretary Charlotte was hired by MareVisie last summer and also Hidde is now officially an employee of MareVisie. Old-Thor Pien Selbeck also got her very first paid job giving a rugby clinic to our ladies team thanks to MareVisie.

SRC Thor is very pleased with the cooperation they have with MareVisie and would like to thank them for another great year, their passion for Thor and their involvement in the rugby culture. If you want to stay updated on all the great things that MareVisie and SRC Thor achieve together, follow them on LinkedIn and Instagram or check out their website

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