Marevisie is the main sponsor of SRC Thor. The relationship between Thor and Marevisie started back in 2006 and this relationship has been very beneficial for both parties since.
Marevisie enables organizations to work succesfully project-based. Marevisie also coaches projectworkers on-the-job and delivers custom-made trainings. Marevisie is aswell a meeting place for people with different abilities, and from varying industrial branches and universities, to come together. This is shown by the students from SRC Thor that work at Marevisie and use there engineering background from the TU Delft to think of creative solutions for organizational problems
The TU Delft is the home sponsor of SRC Thor. SRC Thor is one of the associations affiliated to the TU Delft. X is a place on campus where you can develop the talents that you don’t necessarily need for an academic education, but which are nevertheless invaluable throughout your life. X focuses on the needs of young people and has plenty to offer, ranging from courses, ticket hours, events and projects to, for example, independent use of the student kitchen and living room, or the chance to launch your own activities and/or programming. Thanks to the help of student organisations, teaching staff and trainers, X is able to provide an attractive programme of activities in which students and staff members participate each year. Also, X offers the facilities to let programme spontaneously arise.

Work together

Rugby is a sport charaterized by a unique mentality where values such as respect, teamwork and sportsmanship are highly valued. SRC Thor offers students from Delft the chance to experience the sport and many have fallen in love with the rugby culture. SRC Thor is not only appealing for students but also for sponsors. With their help it is possible for us to facilitate trainings, games, volunteer work, and Rugby trips abroad.

We are always looking for new collaborations. We would like to talk about possible collaborations in person. You can contact or for more information.