Introducing Thor gents 2

Thor 2 focuses on learning and personal growth of our players. Thor 2 is not a just beginners’ team, but rather a developing team. This means the we welcome beginners, but we also have players with a little more experience.

We like it this way, because whatever position you’ll play, there will be people who can help you on your way. Even once you have a little more experience the friendly folks at Thor 1 are always willing to help out during our combined training sessions.

Are you interested in joining?
Send us a message or join a try-out training!

never a dull moment:

Tuesdays 19:00

Training at TU Delft sportcenter X. Afterwards everyone can join for dinner or a drink at the Thorboat.

thursdays 19:00

Training at TU Delft sportcenter X. Afterwards we can have dinner or a drink in the X canteen.


Sunday is a rugby day! Each season we play about 18 games in the fourth division of the Dutch Rugby competition. Of course we'll have a great third half (often together with opposing team).



The Tuesday and Thursday coaching force is headed by our trainer Alex. These training sessions are tailored to maximise fitness preparation while improving foundation skills such as passing & the breakdown, and usually culminate in set-piece and team run activities to prepare for coming matches.

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Outside the lines

Rugby has a beautiful culture. Globally, rugby has 5 core values: Integrity, Passion, Solidarity, Discipline and Respect. Also we, as Thor, hold these in high regard. Thor 2 is about creating an environment to grow and overcome challenges; together as a team, but also personally as a player. It is about camaraderie and friendship, and a lot of ‘Gezelligheid’: find us at the boat in the third half, during teamactivities, barbecues or extra fitness sessions. 


Wanna try?

Everyone is welcome to try rugby. If you’re not having any experience yet, no problem! Come and have a try during an introduction training! If you like it, together with all beginners gents you’ll join the ‘Jonge honden’ team (JH) first, to get to know the basics of Rugby and get you up to speed. During the JH semester, you’ll also be part of Thor 2, so a smooth, but graduate development is secured. 



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Captain/team manager
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Captain/team manager