Introducing Thor Gents 1

SRC Thor 1 is the flagship men’s team of the club and offers a harmony between contesting competitive rugby, while also offering the space to learn and grow as people & players of the sport. Thor 1 plays in the Netherlands second division South.

With members from all corners of the globe (including as far as Kenya, New Zealand & Canada), and ranging in experience from total beginners to 10 years on the team, prospective members will quickly be integrated and find their place. 

Are you an experienced rugger and are you interested in joining Thor? 
Send us a message or join a try-out training!

never a dull moment:

Tuesdays 19:00

Training at TU Delft sportcenter X. Afterwards everyone can join for dinner or a drink at the Thorboat.

thursdays 19:00

Training at TU Delft sportcenter X. Afterwards we can have a drink in the sports center canteen.


Sunday is a rugby day! Each season we play about 18 games in the second division of the Dutch Rugby competition. Of course we'll have a great third half (often together with opposing team).



The Tuesday and Thursday coaching force is headed by our trainer Alex. These training sessions are tailored to maximise fitness preparation while improving foundation skills such as passing & the breakdown, and usually culminate in set-piece and team run activities to prepare for coming matches.


Outside the lines

Thor 1 is proud to foster a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and offers regular social and team-bonding events. From cycles to the nearby Scheveningen Strand for beach rugby training on summer evenings, or the festivities & shower beer after a match on Sunday (win or lose) – having a good time while playing is certain.


Wanna try?

We are always looking for reinforcement of the team! If you’re experienced player and thinking of joining Thor, you can directly train along to try out if you like the vibe. Nevertheless, if you’re totally new to the game, we have a great Jonghe Honden team to start building your rugby career. If you would like to know more, team captains Jordan and Jess will be happy to help.




thomas "Hannah"

Captain/team manager

Maarten "MELANIE"

Captain/team manager