Missed contact?
GEt into rugby!

Here at SRC Thor we offer opportunities for people who have never touched a rugby ball in their lives as well as more seasoned players that have been playing their entire lives.

Thank you for showing interest in playing rugby in Delft.

If you are interested feel free to fill in the form below and receive information about open introduction trainings or to join a training with one of the more advanced teams.


get strong. Get into rugby.

We have a place for every fitness level. Whether you have sportive ambitions or just like to play for fun and relaxation, rugby is the perfect sport. Don’t worry, we’ll all work together and improve our skills and fitness during training in a fun and challenging manner, but always in a safe way and on your own pace. Explore your limits and feel good! Work hard. Play hard. ​

get social again. Get into rugby.

The rugby culture is quite famous because of the the warm and open vibe with fans all around the world. Respect is the the keyword, on and off the pitch. Of course this translates to the fun trainings and nice third halves together with the opponents. Meet new (rugby) friends and join many events, tournaments, parties and experience the cozy rugby culture yourself. Nothing obligated, just stay as late as you want!​


Become a Thor member

Rugby is for everyone, and there is a membership option for everyone!
SRC Thor is part of Technical University Sports center X. This means besides one of the different memberships at Thor, you’ll need to get the X sportscard. This gives access to even more sports classes, the gym and heavy-weight room.  

Whether you are interested in playing rugby for the first time, want to check if rugby is suiting you, or if you’re already an experienced player, you can always first join a try-out training. 


€63 Per year

full season member

€133 Per year

recreational member

€98 Per Year

* it’s possible to start with a basic training membership and get a players-card for matches later

Frequently asked questions

If you’re already sure you want to join Thor, we recommend to get in contact with our secretary to subscribe officially. Shoot a mail with all your questions right away!

Rather want to check out the vibe first? Or still not sure yet that rugby is the best sport in the world?
Take it easy and join an introduction- or try-out training first! Click here for more info.

If you’re inexperienced but you liked the try-outs: you’re very welcome to become a training-member at first. If/once you’re ready to safely join matches (trainers will give advise), you can get into contact with the match-secretary to get you a suitable playerscard so you can shine at Sundays as well!
Experienced ruggers can of course also join in right away in one of our teams, please also contact the secretary to subscribe to Thor. 

Nope, we are an open sportclub and like welcome everyone who wants to start playing rugby, you’ll not need to do a hazing to become a member.
Though we do recommend to join the fun (not mandatory) introduction weekend for new members. During this weekend, you’ll get to know your new pals right away! Soon after the introduction weekend, a General Members Meeting will be held, in which new members will officially be inaugarated as members of Thor. Nothing to be scared of!

Depends! Not everybody likes or even needs to hit the gym to be a good rugby player. 

In rugby you’ll play together in a team with 15 different positions, all having their own role, goals and strengths. Fun fact: all positions require different body-type (some are ‘massive’ indeed, but definitely not all of them), tactics, fitnesslevel, or even a different mindset. In a game you’ll need them equally well. Basically rugby sells itself: a place for everyone to shine, whether you’re small or big, tall or short, fast or strong, good with the ball or good in contact, woman or man.

It’s a misconception that rugby is only about hitting each other hard. There’s a lot of position-specific skills (like kicking, lifting, scrumming, passing, running lines), tactics, speed, fitness, ball-handling, and last but nog least – teamwork – involved. You can always find a position in the team which suits you naturally, or come to training and develop yourself. Trainings are covering all these aspects and are partly focusing on what you’ll need in your position in play. 

Of course rugby could be a bit physical sometimes (there is still contact involved, in some positions more than others), so a few bruises or muscle pain is very normal after a match or a contact-training. But to be clear: you definitely don’t need a pro athlete or ‘massive’ to be able to join! Trust us, everyone is able to tackle with the right technique and mindset. It helps if you have a basic condition already when you join, but we’ll help you building slowly! With training you’ll stay fit, healthy and safe. Just bring your motivation!

Every Tuesday after training, most members quickly shower at the dressing rooms of X sportscenter and then move to the cozy Thorboat, our beloved clubhouse. The boat is situated at Nieuwe Haven 5, about 2 min cycle ride or 10 min walk from the sportscenter. 

The bar committee makes sure there are nice refreshing drinks available (beer/soda for only 1 euro!) and every week another couple of members will volunteer to cook a lovely dinner (full plate for 2-3 Euro) for those who like their gains after working out (subscribe in the thor app to save your food spot). 

The board will announce the club news and upcoming events and sometimes we have special events, themed parties or other celebrations. 

Basically you’ll never know how a boat night will end: it can be turn out differently depending on the amount of people and the vibe. You’re very welcome to join for dinner, have drink (or more), play games, chat with all your rugby friends until sunrise, or even turn the music up and dance the night away.