Rugby for everyone!

We are the only student rugby club in Delft with a freely accessible membership base: everyone can join. Besides being the largest student rugby club in Delft, also the only one with a ladies team in the rugby competition, already since 1982. In addition, due to the international nature of the game of Rugby, but also the open-minded club vibe, a lot of international students join Thor while they are studying in Delft.

Interest in SRC Thor


Join a free try-out training:

From the Owee onwards (aug + sept) there are introduction weeks at Thor, every Tuesday and Thursday at 18:30 @ the rugby pitch.
Join our free and open trainings to tackle the basics while discovering the thrill of this dynamic sport.
No strings attached, but you might fall in love with it. You can also join a training later in the year.
If you have any specific questions, do not hesitate to contact the captains below:




For our Jonghe Honden team (beginners gents), there are a special introduction weeks and beginner student competition.

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advanced players

If you are an experienced rugbyer, you can directly try-out a training with one of our gents teams. 



beginners to advanced players

The Thorladies team has a spot for all women from complete beginners to experienced players.

Frequently asked questions

You can fill out our interest form, so we’ll email you all important information about introduction training. For more info or questions you can contact the captains (see buttons above). They will inform you about the exact time and other additional information. 
In august and september, we have a lot of inexperienced new players starting at the same time, but  you are also very welcome to join later in the year. 

This depends a bit on the weather. Rugby training is always outdoors, usually on the grass pitch across the road opposite X.

  • Wear sturdy sports clothing which may get dirty. Preferably choose clothing with little zippers or laces (for safety).
    If it’s cold, thermowear (long sleeves) or  joggingpants/leggings/yogapants are giving extra warmth. Make sure you use enough layers (while exercising you can get quite warm, but wind can cool you down quickly). You can also bring a sweater, training jacket,  or windbreaker/rain jacket.
  • If you have sports shoes with studs (like simple soccer shoes with plastic or metal studs), this will be most appropriate. Normal running shoes are also fine, though in wet grass it could be quite slippery. We also have a few pairs of spare rugby shoes available you could lend. 
  • If you have one, you could bring a mouthguard, to protect your teeth and jaw during contact-drills. Mouthguards can be bought at the Thor shop as well. 
  • Bring your own bottle of water.
  • Towel and shower stuff to freshen up after a nice sweaty training.  

Usually we will train at the grass rugby pitch of X. The pitch is located next to the parking lot, at the opposite side of X, across the tram tracks.

Bad weather
Rugby is even nicer when there’s a little mud! So training almost always go on. Only when the pitch gets unplayable due to heavy rain or freezing conditions, we’ll relocate: often to the artificial soccer pitches at the backside of X. In this case if  you subscribed for a try-out training, we’ll communicate the relocation asap to you. 

Changing rooms
You can get changed in one of the dressing rooms in X sports center. Afterwards, you can also shower and freshen up there. 

After training
On Tuesdays, you’re very welcome to join us for dinner and/or a drink at our boat (Nieuwe Haven 5, only 1km away). On Thursdays often a lot of members have dinner and some drinks in the canteen of X. 

We have training at every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you subscribed for a try-out training, we will communicate the exact training times to you personally. During try-out weeks of X, we will communicate the starting times of the open trainings on the website.  

In short: everyone!

All levels of experience/fitness
Independently of your level of experience with rugby or sports in general, you can join. Of course a basic fitness condition will help, but don’t be scared, we will work on that and keep things easy! If you’re more experienced rugger, you can also indicate that so you can train with a more advanced group right away. 

All nationalities
All the trainings are officially given in English, since we have a lot of international members/trainers. Don’t worry if you don’t speak English very well, the trainers and lots of team members do speak Dutch as well.

All genders
For the ladies: also no reason not to try rugby! Although some might think rugby is a “men’s sport”, we have a great ladies team and you can of course join a try-out training here. In most try-outs you’ll be joining the ladies training together with the more experienced ladies. Note in some organised introduction-trainings we will be having a mixed group with ladies and gents, depending on the turn-out. Of course we train separated again when doing certain contact-drills, due to physical strength differences and player safety.

No, it’s a non-commital try-out so you can just get a taste of rugby, the team and the club. 

You will hopefully get more insight if playing rugby suits you, if you like the vibe, and if you want to become a Thormember.

  • If not, we happily recommend to check out one of the many other sports associations at X. No problem, we hope you still had a nice experience!
  • If you did like the training, you still do not need to subscribe as a member right away, but you can take a bit of time. Ask the secretary about the signup procedure for further steps. 

If you have any questions, please ask them at your try-out training or contact our secretary directly. 

What will i learn in rubgy training?

In a try-out training you’ll get a good insight in the world of rugby, while exploring techniques and skills in a fun way.
Of course you will develop yourself on your own pace and learn to play together, no matter your starting level. 
The focus and exercises in each training are different, but you will always recognise a few of the following aspects:

Basics & rules of rugby

Rugby knows a lot of rules, but we'll start at the beginning and teach you the most important basics and rules while you're just starting to play.

Fitness & condition

Though also included in other elements of the training, a block of fitness drills is making sure you'll develop physically, get fitter and can play under fatigue.

passing skills

In rugby you can only pass backwards to go forwards. One of the most important aspects of rugby is to be able to catch and pass this weird oval ball.

contact skills

You'll learn how to safely and (with proper technique) make tackles and be tackled, set up rucks or support in there, and how to work through contact.

Warmup and cooldown

Of course we'll always start training with a proper warming up and end it with a cooling down, to take care for your body and enable a safe training.

Tactics & strategy

While progressing a bit more into games or advanced skills, attack or defending structures will be practiced and specific strategies will be explored and experienced in training.

Scrums, lineouts, kick-off

Position-specific "set-pieces" are practiced and refined together to have a toolbox of moves and strategies which can be applied in the match.

Team play & team runs

Rugby is the ultimate teamsport, so there will be often practice games, (non-contact) "touch" games, and team play exercises to learn to work together and apply your newly developed skills into a game-situation.

Find us here

We are located at the sportscenter “X” at the campus of TU delft. Rugby pitch is found just across the road/tram lane, next to the parking lot.
Our club house floating at a different location, only 1 km away from the sportscenter in Nieuwe Haven, close to Rotterdamseweg. 

Sports center X: Pitch

Sports center X TU Delft
Mekelweg 8-10
2628 CD Delft

Club house: "de voorwaarts"

SRC Thor
Nieuwe haven 5
2628AE Delft