Introducing thorladies

The Thor Ladies have made an impact on rugby in the Netherlands since the 80s. With a fierce attitude on the pitch and the third half full of student fun, the Ladies bring a perfect mix of sport and “gezelligheid”. Rugby is an intense but social sport for big, small, fast or strong, everybody fits in. This open team welcomes new student ladies from all kinds!

This season we will join our strength with the ladies of SVRC(Virgiel) in the cluster Delftse Dames. With these new allies we will have a stronger team than ever before! 

Are you interested in joining?
Send us a message or join a try-out training!

never a dull moment:

Tuesdays 18:30

Training at TU Delft sportcenter X. Afterwards everyone can join for dinner or a drink at the Thorboat.

thursdays 20:00

Training at the rugby pitch at X, with the full clusterteam to prepare for the match. Afterwards we can have a drink in the canteen.


Sunday is a rugby day! Each season we play about 18 games in the second division of the Dutch Rugby competition. Of course we'll have a great third half (often together with opposing team).



The Thorladies team has played for years in the top levels of the highest division and are still having the most national championships on their name. At this moment, the ladies play in the second division, but already staying strong in the top regions of the scoreboard for some seasons. Upcoming season will be joining forces again in a “Delftse Dames” clusterteam together with ladies from SVRC. 


Outside the lines

Thorladies have become a very close group of friends, besides having lots of fun at training and supporting each other in matches, we like to do activities together outside the pitch as well. Every once in a while we enjoy home-made dinners, film-nights, teambuilding, going out in Delft, events on the Thorboat and each year there will be a fun teamweekend. 


Wanna try?

Do you believe rugby is only for giant strong guys? Well, no! Rugby is a perfect sport for lovely ladies!
There’s a role for everyone in the team and we are always lookign for new girls to join us! It does not matter if you never touched a rugby ball before.  
So, why not give it a try?
Sign up for your try-out training:

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Captain/team manager
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QueenA "BEatrix"

Captain/team manager
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Captain/team manager

Fun facts

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Average age

The happy young group exists mostly out of students busy with their bachelor or master at the TU, while also some graduated ladies stick around. 

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It does not matter where you came from if you are a Thorlady. We have had ladies from Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Norway, UK, US, Switserland, France, China, Portugal and so on. 

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Had no prior rugby experience

So what are you waiting for? Whatever your (sports)background, it’s never too late to start playing rugby!

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average rugby experience now

The team is learning fast and ladies from all levels of experience ranging from total newbies to 8th season are currently playing side by side! 

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different types of studies

Thorladies are also studying or graduated in more than 10 different study tracks! Mostly technical (TU Delft), obviously, but still we have a very diverse group of beauty and brains.