Rugby for everyone!

We are the only student rugby club in Delft with a freely accessible membership base: anyone can join. Besides being the largest student rugby club in Delft, also the only one with a ladies team in the rugby competition, already since 1982. In addition, due to the international nature of the game of Rugby, but also the open-minded club vibe, a lot of international students join Thor while they are studying in Delft.


Student Rugby club thor

Student Rugby Club Thor (est. 1963) is the only open student rugby club in Delft. Currently, we have three gents teams, one ladies team and a beginners team.

Rugby is for everyone!
Old,  young, big or small, with or without experience. Are you interested in becoming a Thor member or just want to join an introduction training first?


on and off the pitch

All teams train twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, at the rugby pitch of the student sport center X. Since its foundation in 1963 (first as Virgiel Rugby Club Thor in Delft), SRC Thor has been displaying rugby in the competition of the Dutch Rugby Association (NRB) on Sundays. 
Besides the normal competition and rugby practice, there are many more organised rugby events, trips (abroad), tournaments and social events to join. 

The Thor boat

Thor is one of the few student sports clubs having their own club house, besides using the sports center facilities. Most of Thor’s social rugby culture takes place at our iconic boat: “De Voorwaarts”. Since 1995 this is the perfect location for drinks, dinners and parties after Tuesday practice or after matches. 

More about the club

The board

59th board: 2022-2023

Every year a new board takes the responsibility to look after the interests of the club and its’ members. 


All committees

The board and her committees take care of our beloved boat and facilitates so the members can play rugby.


trip down memory lane

From national championships to unforgettable parties, with more than 50 years on the clock, our club has a rich Hist(h)ory. 

Find us here

We are located at the sportscenter “X” at the campus of TU delft. Rugby pitch is found just across the road/tram lane, next to the parking lot.
Our club house floating at a different location, only 1 km away from the sportscenter in Nieuwe Haven, close to Rotterdamseweg. 

Sports center X: Pitch

Sports center X TU Delft
Mekelweg 8-10
2628 CD Delft

Club house: "de voorwaarts"

SRC Thor
Nieuwe haven 5
2628AE Delft