Looking for a place where there are Dutch and Internationals playing sports together, drink together and go to parties together? Look no further, come to Student Rugby Club Thor.

Why rugby?
Thanks to the transnational culture of rugby, our sport is the perfect link between the Dutch and the international students. With players from England, Ireland, France and many other countries, you will find it easy to feel at home at our club. In our 3 gents teams and 1 ladies team there is a place for everyone on every level. Even for the people who have never played rugby, there is a separate team playing in a freshmen competition. This way everyone can play the sport at his own level!

Rugby for everyone
Many think that to play rugby you have to be strong as an ox, but a good rugby team is made up of both the strong forwards as well as the lightning-quick backs that slice through the opponents’ defence. Especially our student club focuses more on athleticism than on raw strength.

Rugby culture
Rugby is one of the most open-minded sports around. During the games the stakes are high, but once the final whistle has blown everyone drinks together. At our club boat, we drink and eat together after trainings and matches.

Trainings and matches
Thor trains on Tuesdays and Thursdays on the field next to X and on Sundays the competition games are played. During the year we also join several tournaments and go abroad on the infamous rugby trip.

Events during the Owee
Monday the 19th of August:

Floaty Karaoke

Electric Boogieloo

Wednesday the 21st of August:

Thor’s Thundering Pubquiz

Total Escalation

Tripoloski Techno Party

Interested in Thor?
Does this sound awesome to you? Then come and visit us on the info market, sports market or come to one of our intro-trainings! Be sure to check out our boat during the Owee or find us on srcthor.nl or our Instagram! The parties that Thor organizes during the Owee will be announced on our facebook!

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