Session 1


This session is the first of the 3-week blocks: Foundational running form & capacity. This first block aims to build the base fitness that we need for the second block which will aim to develop our alactic system in which increase our maximum speed and continue to improve our ability to recover from repeated high-intensity activities.

In this first session, we will follow the basic block template:

  • We start with a modified version of Cal Dietz’ activation warm-up which will prepare us for movement;
  • We continue with coordination drills, which aims to develop our neuromuscular system (sprinting in all its forms is exceptionally coordinated);
  • Our “main course” aims to develop:
    • Our aerobic capacity and VO2 max;
    • and put coordination “basics” under a little stress;
  • And finally we finish with a cool-down to help to kick-start and inform our recovery.



For this session, we need a relatively long loop to train effectively. Combined with the need for shade, the Wilhelminapark in the Hof van Delft has been chosen as our training venue. We will meet at the Northern gate on the Colijnlaan next to the Weteringlaan bus stop. Please get there before 19:00 so that we can start on time!


  • Start with an 800m at a “talking jog” (2 laps of the Hof van Delft park);
  • Activation (see below subsection);
  • Coordination drills; (not just a warm-up, this is an important part of the whole training)
  • and 4x Gradual 60m accelerations ( up to: 60%; 70%; 80%; and 90% respectively).


During our warm-up we want to prepare the body for movement by activating our system. Although the Activate warm-up for rugby training and games (find the adult version here on the World Rugby Site), we have a chance to mix things up with something similar. In fact, I wonder if the below program didn’t actually inspire the activate program itself! For those people who are curious, or who want to incorporate this mobility and activation focused program, you can watch the following 3 YouTube parts.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
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Summarizing @ 3-5 reps per exercise, this whole program will be finished earlier than you would expect! Images are a work in progress…

Image Done
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 1
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 1
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 1
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 1
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 1
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 1
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 1
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 1
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 1
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 1
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 1
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 2
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 2
Walking Dynamic Warm Up Part 2
Walk backward on toes
Neck slides forward and backward
Frankenstein walk Finger tips in front, straight leg swinging march
Hour glass each direction
High knee pull walks with figure-8 foot movement
Shoulder slides (looks like Hawaiian dancer)
Figure 4 walks
Messier squats Squat to aductors
Walk backwards
Bottom/top scan from near field to far field
Ankle rolls (no weight and both directions)
Walk forwards; toes in, toes out
Lumbar spine rolls Deeper hinges
Cross-over forward lunges Reach to opposite side
Curtsy lunges
Side shuffle dragging foot “Crab”
Lateral neck slides
Forward walking lunge with high knees & twist
Chest sinks Squat down, grip something in front, move sternum in and out
Foward walking lunge; high legs, arms to sky laced palms up
Knee rolls Regular knee roles
Lateral shifting lunge Lunge to aductor stretch, bounce back, repeat
Straight leg figure 8s, chin down
Lateral lunge with ankle tilts The straight leg ankle remains stiff such that foot comes of ground and pivots around edge
Trunk rolls
Spiderman crawl
Leg swings forward & back. Integrate chin movement.
Toe touch hammy walks
Leg swings right & left each leg
Reversed lunge with palms to ceiling
Squatting internal rotation
Duck walks Stay in squat position and walk forward
Toe roll
Walking 1 leg romanian deadlifts
Reindeer arm circles Shoulder roles but instead of straight arms, reindeer
Frankensteins with a skip
Fighter shoulder rolls backwards Arms down shoulder roles
Walk backward with long reaches
Standing arm circles with wrists fully extended and palms facing out
Walking ankle grabs
Fighter shoulder rolls backwards
Lateral crossover lunges
Thumb lookaways. Put one of your thumbs up, and look outside, and repeat. Change thumbs/sides. Start head center, look at thumb, then move head to outside direction of thumb arm and look. Repeat
Sideways lateral crossover lunges High knee over lead foot travelling sideways ending in a curtsey squat
Jaw massages
Do a quick antirotation test and release
5min personal needs


The following coordination drills aim to develop our balance, and help us master different movements which will support our efforts to become better at general running (sprinting is a highly coordinated activity), and finally to apply it to our chaotic world of rugby!

Exercise Images Done
Skipping 1-2-3-doublehop
Galloping (dadummm dadummm)
A-skips and B-skips, both with double bounce recoveries. B-skip = American skipping.
Sideways hops back & forth 1 leg
Forward/back hops back & forth 1 leg


4x Gradual 60m accelerations (up to: 60%; 70%; 80%; and 90% respectively).


Today we run:


We will perform the 800m talking run that we started with, followed by an unstructured set of stretches to kick-start our recovery.


It started strong and it ended strong! I was blown away by the turn-out for the 1st session 🙂 Keep it up!

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