Summer Quickness 2023 Program: An Introduction


Hi all, Coach Derron here.

Every year, people ask me how to get faster. I do what I can, but in the middle of the season it is difficult to help someone perform the strength, conditioning, coordination and sprinting trainings necessary to make a significant difference. This has really frustrated me in the past, so this year I decided to try and make some progress. By running a dedicated program, we get a real opportunity to support each other with making & meeting personal goals.

I also have a selfish reason for running the program: it’s a great way for me to work on my own fitness, as I will be joining the sessions. Although this makes aspects of coaching more challenging, I hope that there will be plenty of coaching moments as well as specific benefits to me living the program myself. To slightly misquote William Wayland (a notable S&C coach), I’ll be eating from my own restaurant.

An important general disclaimer is that I do not have any formal training in Strength & Conditioning. I do have a background in track-and-field as a former 200m and 400m sprinter, but do not be under the illusion that I “have all of the answers“, and am up to speed on the latest and greatest training methods. What I will do is to do my best to help anyone who turns up and give them my two cents. As long as we keep an open & honest discussion going, I am sure we will make the most of our time together.



This blog environment will be the central hub of the program, allowing us to refer to a dedicated place for the training programs, our progress, and other materials.

Summer Quickness Program will start in mid-June and will last to mid-August. The concept was presented & discussed on the boat on May 23rd. The most important takeaways:

  • Interest seems to be sufficiently (and surprisingly) high
  • Good expectations alignment between club & myself personally
  • Most are available Tues/Thurs/Weekends
  • Trainings shall be published for all
  • It is the holiday season, so no-one can be present at all trainings

You can find a copy of that presentation HERE.

The first session will be on June 13th.


The program will last for 9 weeks, and has been split up into:

  • Foundational running form & capacity (3 weeks)
  • Building power & speed (3 weeks)
  • Peak acceleration & overspeed (3 weeks)


Here and there, I will be running tests over the coming 2 weeks to make sure that we have a decent training structure which can work. Feel free to join; I’ll throw out general invites in the Thor WhatsApp. Also feel free to go for runs to maintain your fitness levels. Assuming that you have a decent training program, continue with that so that you are maintaining your level of fitness. We will build from there together.

Here are some good things to (consider) hav(ing):

  • Stop-watch (& heart rate monitor, see Decathlon for cheaper models)
  • Decent running shoes, socks and running apparel (rugby apparel will also be fine)
  • Foam roller (for home use)
  • Valuables bag (I might ask the club to get something that we can lock securely to an immovable object)
  • Water bottle

Here are some resources that I am currently reading into in preparation for our trainings:

  • Cal Dietz on Triphasic training
  • Cal Dietz & William Wayland on the French Contrast Method
  • General quick introduction to the French Contrast Method [LINK]
  • World Rugby Strength & Conditioning 1 and 2 (online) [LINK]
  • Some of my old track-and-field programs
  • A whole bunch of running drills to help develop running form (all over YouTube)
  • Not something I know a lot about unfortunately but do your own nutrition research! You may as well start HERE

Feel free to reach out with additional information or questions, I would be happy to have that discussion and learn with you.


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