The story of Zoë Agasi’s journey

Wednesday, 17 November, former SRC Thor player Zoë Agasi will drop by our boat to talk about her journey with Olivier Van Herck.

Together they have been travelling around the world for four years in six different ways. Canoeing, hiking, cycling, skiing and skating. Pioneering and travelling under their own steam, that’s what their story is about. In total, they have travelled 40,900 kilometres under human power, the length of the equator, a circle around the earth. An inspiring evening with Indian rice table, in which they challenge us to pioneer. After all, every adventure requires a new step.

The story of WeLeaf has been beautifully presented in a book. Look here for a nice impression.

You can sign up to hear this story via this link there is space for 30 people so be quick! (For current and old members of SRC Thor).

The boat will be open at 17:30 and diner will be provided, a valid coronacheck QR code is required.

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