11th Lustrum of SRC Thor

SRC Thor became 55 years old on the 5th of November and the celebration in honor of the 11th lustrum started on the 10th of November!

To celebrate Thor being 55 years old, the gents played a much anticipated match against the Old-Engineers. It was a little worrying that a large proportion of the players were hungover, one guy was in the hospital just hours prior, and another was still sleeping. To make matters worse, this was a game we couldn’t lose, otherwise we would be paying for post-match beer.

The game started incredibly physical, with big tackles, messy rucks, and questionable scrumming tactics. But despite the lack of experience, we managed to run through a few early tries, mainly stemming from our speedsters Conny and Pim. The students made sure the Old-Engineers would score a few tries, just to make them feel better about themselves, which resulted in a 31-22 win to the real Thor.

The ladies played a game against the oude vellen and even some gents joined in as well. It was a friendly touch match and despite the fact that it started pouring rain during the match, everybody enjoyed it.

After the ladies game was over it was time for a luxurious dinner on the Voorwaarts and some well deserved beer bought by the Old Engineers. It was a really fun evening with a lot of tales about ‘In mijn tijd: “…”‘ and a good opportunity for new and old members to bond.

We, the board, would like to thank the lustrumcie for organizing the event and everybody that celebrated the lustrum.

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