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In the last few years, the collaborative partnership between SRC Thor and MareVisie has become increasingly effective, enterprising and expeditious. The exchange of knowledge between the two organizations and the continuity of this dialogue has allowed from each party to benefit from each other’s capacities and passions. Several new projects are on the horizon and exist as further opportunities to develop this special relationship. One of the newest working-students is Lotte Schunselaar, who will be working on an ambitious long-term project with the European Patent Office (EPO).

How long have you been working for MareVisie and what are your experiences so far?

I have been working with MareVisie for a couple of months and my experiences have been great. It’s a company with 12 employees and from the moment you start you are treated as one of the team instead of “the new guy”. Everyone who works there has followed a technical study, most of them at the TU Delft, and they understand that your studies are a priority. The connection between SRC Thor and MareVisie is distinct and special, as quite a few employees are (former) Thor members.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently contributing to two projects. The first is probably the most interesting for Thor members, as I’m working on a bidding process to supply a CAD service to the EPO (European Patent Office). To date, we’ve made it past the first round, and are currently finalizing our presentations for the second and final round of the process. If we win the bidding process, we can set up a team of Thor members who work at the EPO premises as CAD technicians for the coming three years.

Next to that I’m currently helping Ralph van Houdt with his projects at Capgemini. I mainly take care of information processing and I join meetings and workshops at a senior management level. So far, this has been very educational and has given me very practical insights into the world of business.

Why should Thor students work for MareVisie?

For me the main reason to work at MareVisie is they can give you work while your studying that enriches your CV. Off course there is also a financial incentive, but it’s great that you can already build up your relevant working experience while still studying.

How do you think Thor and MareVisie can benefit more from each other?

At the start of this rugby season and school year, the board was invited by MareVisie for a policy session. This proved to be very useful. I think MareVisie can be of help for more than just the board, as they can also help committees that want to manage and execute their tasks better or pursue more ambitious projects. This would benefit all Thor members! Another idea is to host workshops for Thor members that are undertaking an ambitious project or are starting their thesis; such workshops would help to identify, plan and realize realistic goals.

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