SRC Thor joined the VeRa

Dear members,

With pride we announce that SRC Thor has become a member of the Delft Association Council (Verenigingsraad Delft)! After a number of introductions and meetings, SRC Thor was accepted by vote into the VeRa on Thursday the 18th of January and the VeRa became acquainted with our club house on the 25th of the January.

The VeRa is the linking organization of student associations and is mainly concerned with creating and maintaining contacts between the member associations and external parties. The VeRa represents its affiliated associations and their members vis-à-vis TU Delft, the municipality of Delft and the National Chamber of Associations (LKvV).

With this connection, we will get more insight in what is happening within the TU Delft, Student associations within and out of our city, and Delft itself to help our beloved club.

Met Ovale groet,

Sebastiaan Knepper
Voorzitter SRC Thor

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