Half year review

Katzy has been asking me to write a half year review for the last two months and since he is so excited for it. I decided to write this literal piece of art.

The year started with the Owee and around 20 Jonghe Honden joined SRC Thor during it. We got the feedback from our new members that they wanted to join Thor when they saw a trailer disguised as a boat and heard Thorren sing the well known Rugby songs during the Oweeparade. Concert at Schie and miniThortober were lit and the Owee was over before we knew it. During September there were activities every Tuesday and Thursday for our Jonghe Honden and Puppies. The highlight of these activities was of course the Jonghe Honden weekend. The jonghe honden went to the wild rovers and slept there beside the Rugby pitch, went out in the always booming city center of Doetinchem and played their first match! After the JH Weekend it was time for the inauguration. And at the end of September 48 new members were inaugurated and 63 students in total had joined Thor.

During September the Rugby season began and the first Sunday was one for the histhory books. Thor played this Sunday for the first time with four teams and one of those was the clusterteam consisting of S.V.R.C, DSR-C and SRC Thor. The first match was a great success, despite the low numbers and score, because a team made of rugby players from three different rugby studentclubs is an achievement on its own.

In October was of course the infamous Thortober. With over 100 sold tickets it was the first edition that was sold out. Thortober was wünderbar once again but gave the board a longer headache then with a normal hangover. The Pupcie, our new committee, organized their first event which turned the boat into an escaperoom. The rugby season was now going at full pace and the ladies and gents got some great results.

The 5th of November meant the start of our 11th lustrum and SRC Thor became 55 years old. There were lustrum matches played against the old engineers and oude vellen which of course were won by the younger, fitter, still having hair and poorer students. The board game night was a lot of fun. Crazy 55 resulted in Thorren divided all over Delft, fulfilling 55 tasks such as putting €55,- on red in the casino to win the prize. The lustrum ended with a pre lustrum gala and will continue in May with the Mooi! Weer Lustrum and Lustrum gala. I will already give a small location teaser about the gala: [redacted] or is it?

Sinthorklaas wie kent hem niet? December was there and what a beautiful start it had with Sinthorklaas. We were very saddened that Katzy could not be there and that Ash disappeared aswell during the night. Sinthorklaas brought 55 presents to the boat and made lovely poems in which he complimented RUS a lot. Then it was time for the Christmasdinner ‘Die Weihnachtsmarkt’ with lots of bratwurst, gluhwein und schitznell. New Years Eve on the boat was awesome despite the fact that I woke up the next morning with Samuel in my bed.

January was a quiet month.

February meant the start of the six nations and the boat was filled with Thorren and some idiot that supported France. It was a fun night with the Dalai game as the big winner. HoogThorstage, pouleh?, was during the TU holiday and they were supposed to come back on Saturday so they would be able to play on Sunday. Well of course that did not happen but we hebben wel gelachen and managed with great effort to have enough players in the line up. The ladiesparty was great. The Vanderveldies was a succes because the boat was a float. But then came the 26th of February, it was a normal Tuesday and after training I went to the boat. When I arrived I heard the Titanic movie song playing, saw Katzy sitting with a pump in his hand and noticed that a lot of water had risen above the borrelvloer. Of course, a captain does not leave his sinking ship. Well this captain went straight home. At 1 a.m. came good news: the boat was not sinking but the sceptic tank was leaking. The next day we started working with the poop scoop and emptied the sceptic tank. Although Max almost filled it again after the smell of the sceptic tank got to him, we managed to fix the pump and sceptic tank.

So what did Board 55 do during the first half year?
A new website, improved teamsite, a not sinking boat, 76 new members, the 11th lustrum, a new teamkit, new sponsors, new committees, the first CoBo of Thor, a fourth team, parents day SOONtm , new barkrukken, SinThorklaas, Christmasdinner, digital sign up form, become the owner of our web address, new inthornet, an improved kitchen and a new record number of Thorren playing on one Sunday namely 63+4.

After such an exciting first half year what can we then still look forward to?
Bring-your-parents day: 12th of May
HuizenThornooi: 24th of May
MooiweerToernooi: 25th of May
Uitje: 30th of may – 2nd of June
Ameland(sign-up form): 14-16th of June
Gala: 5th of July
Commissiebedankborrel: 7th of July

Goed goan!

Met Ovale groet,

Koen ‘Nul’ Bakker
55e Voorzitter der SRC Thor

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