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The Oweecie is devoted to the organisation of the introduction week in Delft: the Owee. The Owee is an important week for Thor. During this week it is key to get as many new students excited about rugby so they might join our club. The committee is responsible for arranging good promotion during the Owee. Next to promotion, the committee also arranges that the club is organised and adequately present during the Owee-activities like the information market, the sports market and the parade. At this time there is also taken care of the activities on our club-boat where the new students can eat and party during the theme parties. Before the beginning of the Owee, Thor also joins the organization of the Ladies-intro where the focus is put on the ladies for the ladies teams. The committee is installed from January until the end of the introduction week in August and meets regularly during this period.
Mail: Owee@srcthor.nl


Charlotte van Diest

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  • Samuel Voorwalt
  • Jordan Kelly
  • Joran van der Zwet
  • Tetsuo Martynowicz
  • Philip ‘Gewoon Flip’ Bronkhorst