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Since the 18th of Febraury 1995, SRC Thor has the ‘Voorwaarts’ as its home. The Voorwaarts is a beautiful boat with a rich histhory but SRC Thor is growing in members the last few years so the NHC is carefully looking at maybe an even bigger boat.

The Nieuwe Haven Commissie keeps a close eye on all the developments around the Nieuwe Haven such as the fact that the local authority wants to build houses next to the Nieuwe Haven. So the NHC is trying to work together with Delft to think of solutions to prevent possible problems that could evolve in the future between both parties.

Furthermore the NHC ensures that SRC Thor is known within Delft and has a name in the plans for the development of the Nieuwe Haven.

The Nieuwe Haven Commissie is one of the more serious committees within SRC Thor wherein you can learn a lot. Sounds interesting, questions or tips? Send them to NHC@srcthor.nl

Maarten ‘Pinky’ Kleijwegt
Maarten ‘Donald’ Zijlstra
Sander van Rosmalen
Adriaan de Haan
Ewoud ‘Kobi’ van Munster
Lars ‘Trevi’ Schillings
Koen ‘Nul’ Bakker

Bas ‘Jane’ Dijkstra

[su_spoiler style=”fancy” title=”NHC 2018/2019″]

  • Sander van Rosmalen
  • Chris ‘Pelvis’ de Man
  • Maarten ‘Donald’ Zijlstra
  • Adriaan de Haan
  • Maarten ”Pinky” van Kleijwegt
  • ”Classic” Lars ”Trevi” Schillings, as QQ (Qualitate Qua)


[su_spoiler style=”fancy” title=”NHC 2017/2018″]

  • Sander van Rosmalen, as chairman
  • Ewoud ”Kobi” van Munster, as secretary
  • Adriaan de Haan, as old/experienced fart
  • Maarten ”Pinky” van Kleijwegt, as project-criticus
  • Baris, as financial-criticus of the committee
  • ”Classic” Lars ”Trevi” Schillings, as QQ (Qualitate Qua)

[su_spoiler style=”fancy” title=”NHC 2016/2017″]

  • Maarten ‘Pinky’ Kleijwegt
  • Sander van Rosmalen
  • Baris Düzgün
  • Dries “Roel” Kemperman