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With MoveCie, members of Thor will work together with foundation Move to help a primary school with underprivileged children. The goal of this commission is to realize a fun project together with these children, and whilst doing so give them chance to let them really see what they’re worth! This way the commission helps with the personal development of the children. And of course the they will also learn about the fantastic sport of rugby!

Philip ‘Gewoon Flip’ Bronkhorst
Sebastiaan Knepper
Michaja van Capel
Tetsuo ‘Tet’ Martynowicz
Derk Schroten

Celine ‘Celine Dion’ van Kampen

[su_spoiler style=”fancy” title=”Movecie 2017/2018″]

  • Farley Rimon
  • David van Hoorn
  • Tamara Ribbers
  • Mahana Tuimaka
  • Tycho Rasch