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Being a Jonghe Hond/Puppy can be overwhelming and confusing. Luckily, the JHC is there to make sure you will grow into a worthy member of Thor. The JHC consists of the JH(Jonghe Honden) and Puppy captains, along with one or two assistants.
Being a member of the JHC consists mostly of participating in Thor activities. As a member of the JHC, you are the primary point of information for new members.
Other than this passive task of the JHC, the JHC will organize a few things: the introduction programme, the JH weekend, JH matches and tournaments, and the HuizenThornooi!
Being in the JHC makes sure you don’t miss out on everything Thor.

Andrea Sepulcri
Bas ‘Claire’ Komen
Mick ‘Mickey’ de Groot
Larissa van de Voorstenbosch
Elke Stevens

Bas ‘Jane’ Dijkstra

[su_spoiler style=”fancy” title=”JHC 2018/2019″]

  • Merel ‘Mus’ Reijmers
  • Bas ‘Jane’ Dijkstra
  • Jetse ‘Lauren’ Brouwers
  • Jonathan ‘Mojo Jojo’ Bijman
  • Michaja van Capel
  • Peter Klapwijk

[su_spoiler style=”fancy” title=”JHC 2017/2018″]

  • Danielle Vosse
  • Luka van der Sype
  • Wouter ´Emma´ de Boer
  • Jonathan Katzy
  • Frederique ´Shaniqua´ de Groen
  • Koen ´Nul´ Bakker

[su_spoiler style=”fancy” title=”JHC 2016/2017″]

  • Sebastiaan Knepper
  • Jeroen ‘Lotte’ Schunselaar
  • Rebbekka van der Grift
  • Kiki ‘Dat’ Hofman