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As member of the Hoogtestage committee you have to organize a really fun trip; wintersport! Organizing hoogtestage is real fun! You have to think of a location, accomodation and a fun theme. The easiest is to find an organizer like Husk, who organize many vacations for students. If you have nice people in the committee, you’ll have a lot of fun! Hoogtestage will be grimmig, but you can’t miss it!

Simon ‘Chris’ Lansu
Sabine Heijnen
Danielle Vosse
Thomas Pouwels

Wouter ‘Emma’ de Boer

[su_spoiler style=”fancy” title=”HoogtestageCie 2017/2018″]

  • Kasper Sijmons
  • Wouter “Emma” de Boer
  • Marnix Roest
  • Thomas “Edinbro” Oud


[su_spoiler style=”fancy” title=”HoogtestageCie 2016/2017″]

  • Maarten ‘Pinky’ Kleijwegt
  • Hidde van Gelder
  • Bart ‘Hillary’ Hoefnagels
  • Samuel Voorwalt