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Introduction Trainings Owee and September 2019

In order to welcome all the new students at the TU-Delft who will be starting their study. SRC Thor organizes FREE OPEN introduction trainings for six weeks long! The introduction trainings will start the first week of the Owee(18th until 22nd of August) and continue until the 19th of September.  The trainings will be every Tuesday and Thursday during these weeks from 18.00-19.30. These open trainings are meant for everyone. From people who have never touched a rugby ball before, to the more veteran players.

Beginner trainings, first time on the field

Have you never played rugby before or only a game here and there? Then the free open trainings are the place for you. Here you will be given an introductory course over the first few weeks and quickly play your first matches together with the other first year rugby players (Jonghe Honden) against other student rugby clubs.

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