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Thor strips down for Spieren voor Spieren

The idea for a Thor nude calendar was first proposed years ago, but on the boat last season, Danielle and I decided to kick-start the project. That night Joël and Kiki came on board and the committee was born. The timing was perfect with the release date coinciding with the lustrum.
There was the worry that not enough people would sign up to be stars of the calendar, but luckily that’s not an issue in Thor. Around 50 people were willing to volunteer their good looks! Once we had the models, we had to come up with the scenes for each month. So over drinks, as usual, we brainstormed the various ways we could represent Thor with naked people.
The photo shoots were a lot of fun for everyone involved. We ran into some awkward moments where staff of a nearby day-care centre began setting up for the day while we were in the middle of the try-scoring shot (basically jumping around in the mud naked). Also the big naked hug (aka the scrum photo) was taken in front of them. But luckily we were fully clothed before the young children arrived.
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