June 8, 2017


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The NHC is responsable for the (re)search of the clubhouse of SRC Thor. As you can read on the website, the club had various different homes/houses/locations during histhory. At this moment we have an 100 year old boat as clubhouse. Unfortunately everything has its end and so might our nice Voorwaarts. Therefore we, the NHC, are looking into new housing. We are looking into a broad spectrum in opportunities in what we could call in the future ours. We keep track on what happens in our direct surroundings buildwise and what might be availeble to realise a new location. Therefore we make a list of requirements, which reflects what our clubhouse absolutely needs. Beside that we look into possible wishes that come with the certain location and we look at the financial status; what the location costs, costs of build, costs of moving, etc.

So far the NHC has:

-We organised sessions in which made clear what the list of requirements are.

-We sparred with the municipality of Delft to see what their intentions are for the coming years in the area where the Voorwaarts lies.

-We are currently researching diffrent kinds of housing methods that meets the requirements to call it our clubhouse.

-We are currently researching what should be add to our wishlist.


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