League: Social

Social events of SRC Thor


To wrap up the year we will the board will be throwing an end of year gala where the exceptional Thors can receive awards for their contributions to the club and the rest of the people can be jealous.


In order to relax a little from our studies Thor will be going to [REDACTED] so we can [REDACTED] with [REDACTED]. Be there or be square.

Mooi weer dies

As Novemeber 5th is usually a dreary day it is less fun to celebrate the birthday of our club outside playing rugby, to remedy this we have the Mooi Weer Dies where we celebrate the birthday in good weather. This involves many rugby games including Thor 1 vs Thor 2, Thor vs Old Engineers and Thor ladies vs Oude Vellen.

Huizen Thornooi

On this day the Jonghe Honden Commissie invites all Thor members and external parties to create a rugby team with their friends to compete in the annual HuizenThornooi. Experience is not needed and open trainings will be provided free of charge ahead of time for all teams that want to participate.