SRC Thor app

After a decade since the first mobile app was made, there is now finally a Thor app! Our lovely Jasper “Porno” has made this beaufthorful app for us, all credits to him. The app has the following functions: -training attendance -game attendance and line-up -boat diner attendance -events attendance -adjusting own personal information -contact details Thor members You log in with your Thor platform account, in case you lost the password or never had one: lost password You can see the events of your team in the ‘My events’ page, and see all events in the according tab. When the attendance is set, the color of the event will change. In the event, you can see all attendance, and duties, for now, that is contained to the line-up, but it can be extended to cooking and bar duties. Furthermore, the captains can give a notification as reminder to filling in your attendance. The events are assigned to certain groups, such as Thor 1 or Thor 2, but also committee can be added to the app and plan your meetings like that.  In the ‘members section’, you can look up the contact details of other members when you threw away your old phone, or if you want to know where the party is and nobody is responding. In the ‘my profile’ section you can adjust some personal information, and see in what groups you are in like teams and committees. You can download the app via these links or just look for SRC Thor in the store. Android:  Apple:

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