MareVisie looking for student workers

Some of our newest members have seen the company logo flash up here and there in the club. This seemingly mysterious company sponsors the SRC  Thor official team kits, the MediaCie cameras that film club games, and various other social events and Thor paraphernalia (including this beautiful website). You may well ask… Who are they? What do they do? And what is their relationship with Thor? “MareVisie – Professionals in project management“, are as their slogan suggests, a project management firm. They specialize in managing complex technical projects. Engineering projects often involve groups of companies struggling to work together both as individuals, and as a collective set of frustratingly disconnected teams. Even when all parties think that they are working towards the same goals, the reality is that projects frequently run over budget and incur substantial delays. The reason? It’s not for lack of trying. Nor is it for lack of talent. Large multi-disciplinary technical projects tend to fail due to poor communication and poor resource management. The added value that MareVisie in particular brings to the table can be found by examining their human capital – almost all employees at MareVisie have a technical background. Many have MSc’s or even PhD’s from the TU Delft, and have been trained and certified by recognized project management organizations. Their heavy science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) backgrounds allow them to understand the complex context of the project. This also means that they are more likely to have an appreciation for what each party can be expected to know, and how their respective articulations may differ: each party can typically describe the same goal or objective in their own stakeholder-specific language. Clients include many Dutch household names such as Eneco, Joulz, Stedin, Attero, Oxxio, Randstad, and Total. With accredited interests and experience in the Nuclear, Waste Management, ICT and Energy & Utilities industries, MareVisie has already found important footholds in various important economical sectors in the Benelux area. This is no mean feat for a small company in a world typically dominated by consulting giants. Situated in their new office space next to the Voorschoten train station, they are easy to reach from Delft Zuid or Delft Central train station. As MareVisie mostly works at client offices throughout the week, there is always plenty of quiet space to work. This is just one of the attractive features of working for MareVisie as a part-time student worker. Several years ago, MareVisie’s founder and director played at Thor. Ralph van Houdt was a captain of the Gents I team and the president of SRC Thor’s 23rd board. When he formed his company, the story is that he approached several Thor I gents in the changing room after one of their games to ask who of them would like to work for them. Many MareVisie employees are members of the growing SRC Thor alumni network! Student workers are typically given a part-time project to work on, and during this time they can expect to learn:
  • How to program with expert in-house coaching.
  • How to lead groups of people in internal and external management seminars and workshops.
  • How to communicate effectively with internal and external seminars and workshops.
  • How to discipline themselves and usefully pursue their interests under their own initiative.
  • Hwo to market themselves and their ideas more effectively online.
With 2 current student-workers nearing the end of their studies, MareVisie is now looking to continue this link with the club. Specific projects are available as CAD drawers, programmers, and content producers. Workers’ own initiatives are truly welcomed at MareVisie, which has in the past allowed some of the more challenging SRC Thor projects possible. Future examples could include boosting new functionalities to the SRC Thor website, producing higher-quality web content, and the improvements to the club’s IT infrastructure. Interested? Or simply want to learn more? Contact Derron van Helvoort or Jeroen “Vinny” van Nieuwenhuizen. Their contact details can be found below.   Derron van Helvoort: ✉  | ✆ 06 52550988 Jeroen van Nieuwenhuizen: ✉ 

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