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Free Rugby Intro Trainings
Free Rugby Intro Trainings

SRC Thor

THÉ open Student Rugby Club in Delft



Student Rugby Club Thor

Each year a new board represents the interests of the club and its members. The Board is responsible for activities concerning the league and the society “De Voorwaarts”.. 

Voorzitter – Tycho Rasch
Secretaris –Derron van Helvoort
Penningmeester –Pim Donker
Wedstrijdsecretaris –Lars “Iris” Colpaert
Bootcommissaris – Dries “Roel” Kemperman



To keep S.R.C. Thor and it’s clubhouse functioning, the Board depends on it’s committees. Within the club there are different committees, which have different special tasks.

Ontvangst Commissie
Voorwaarts Onderhouds Commissie
Nieuwe Haven Commissie
Technische Commissie


Rent Me

Our legendary club is located on the Rotterdamseweg:

“De Voorwaarts”
De Nieuwe Haven 5
2628 AE Delft

Planning a Party?

The Voorwaarts will fulfill all your needs! Located in the Schie canal it offers a place to fully enjoy your party, graduation celebration or just a friendly get-together.



On the 5th of november 1963 the Virgiel Rugby Club Thor was founded

On april the 4th 1975 all ties with Virgiel are broken and the club is renamed as Student Rugby Club Thor. In 1982 the first female members enlist and in 1985 the first league game is played.

On the 18th of april 1995 an old ship became the new clubhouse of Thor. Every year since 1995 there is a celebration to honour dhr Van der Velde, the founder of the boat.

Competition & Training

Check out the latest results and training schedules of SRC Thor

In 2011, the resurrection of Gents XV II of SRC Thor was a fact, which brought the number of men's teams at two. Since then, the men of the first team play in the second division south and the second team in the fourth class Southwest, of the NRB. Gents XV I and Ladies XV I train under the guidance of head coach Willem Mostert, while Gents XV II are guided by Nathan Raynor.

In 1982, the first women became members of SRC Thor, and entered the first league in 1985. Since then, the ladies of SRC Thor played in the top division of the Dutch amateur rugby: Lotto honors class. Since 1985, they won the league title twelve times, of which nine times in a row. Our ladies have always dominated the Dutch rugby.

Within SRC Thor there is also room for young and inexperienced students, they can join our Jonghe Honden team. The Jonghe Honden team participate in the student league of the NSRB and will compete against other student teams throughout the Netherlands.

Interested to play for Thor? Send an email to secretaris@srcthor.nl

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Here you can find the latest photos of our very own professional photographer Jan Kaper.
You can find SRC Thor's YouTube channel with, amongst others, match recordings, Thor, here.