SRC Thor

THÉ open Student Rugby Club in Delft


Student Rugby Club Thor


Each year a new board represents the interests of the club and its members. The Board is responsible for activities concerning the league and the society “De Voorwaarts”.. 

Voorzitter – Frederique de Groen
Secretaris – Storm Potkamp
Penningmeester – Joris Huberts
Wedstrijdsecretaris – Britt Links
Bootcommissaris – Maarten Kleijwegt
Barcommissaris – Barend Schot



To keep S.R.C. Thor and it’s clubhouse functioning, the Board depends on it’s committees. Within the club there are different committees, which have different special tasks.

Ontvangst Commissie
Voorwaarts Onderhouds Commissie
Nieuwe Haven Commissie
Technische Commissie

De Voorwaarts

SRC Thor owns the most iconic club house out of all Dutch rugby clubs. Located in De Nieuwe Haven, alongside De Rotterdamseweg in Delft, it is the spot to host your party or get-together

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On the 5th of november 1963 the Virgiel Rugby Club Thor was founded

On april the 4th 1975 all ties with Virgiel are broken and the club is renamed as Student Rugby Club Thor. In 1982 the first female members enlist and in 1985 the first league game is played.

On the 18th of april 1995 an old ship became the new clubhouse of Thor. Every year since 1995 there is a celebration to honour dhr Van der Velde, the founder of the boat.

Competition & Training

Check out the latest results and training schedules of SRC Thor

SRC Thor heeft drie teams namelijk Heren XV 1, Heren XV 2 en Dames XV 1. Elk team traint 2 keer per week en speelt competitie wedstrijden op de zondag. Binnen SRC Thor is er ook ruimte voor de aller jongste en onervaren studenten, zij komen uit in ons Jonghe Honden team. De Jonghe Honden nemen elk jaar deel aan de studentencompetitie van de NSRB en strijden dan tegen andere studententeams verspreid door Nederland.

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